Upward Migration


This short movie documents the life and journey of Vannia Glasinovic from her childhood in Bolivia to her work as an immigration attorney in Eugene, Oregon. It starts by discussing her current life during the Coronavirus pandemic, before diving into her story. This film highlights her childhood in Bolivia and the changes she has seen there since she moved to the United States. It also covers her switch from environmental law to immigraiton law as well as her battles against discrimination both in her practice and her life as a whole. Vannia discusses the recent changes in immigration law, as well as what she thinks the future holds.


Producer’s Bio:

My name is Jackson McCormick and I am a junior at the University of Oregon School of Journalism and Communications majoring in public relations with a minor in anthropology. The Latino Roots course has sparked a passion for storytelling and videography, and I am excited to build off of what I have learned from this course. 

I want to give my utmost appreciation to Professor Martinez and Professor Stephen for the opportunity to be a part of this course, and Vannia Glasinovic for working with me to make this movie during these very uncertain times.