Family and Migration: Chey’s Experience


This film is about Eliezer Chey Gonzalez. He was raised in Huandacarao, Michoacán, Mexico, and he migrated to Eugene when he was 14 and a half. He had to attend North Eugene High School after going to the same school for 11 years. He graduated high school and was accepted at the University of Oregon where he earned a bachelor degree in sociology with a minor in business. He is married with two children and works for the Department of Human Services in the child welfare department. This story is important, because it shows that Mexican migrants are productive, responsible and are family-oriented people and not all criminals like the Trump administration wants everyone to believe.


Producer’s Bio:

My name is Mark Howard. I am a senior at the University of Oregon where I’m a journalism major and an anthropology minor. Most of my classes are taken at UO’s School of Journalism and Communication (SOJC). This course helped me learn about the history of Mexican migration in the US, and it showed me the complex workings of transborder communities.  It also taught me the fundamentals of documentary theory, filmmaking and interviewing. All of these skills will be useful to my future as a journalist and videographer.