Finding Success: An Interview with Carol Rodgers


Carol Rodgers is the first generation daughter of Costa Rican immigrants Juan and Sally Bonilla, who entered the U.S. in the early 1960s. Carol’s niece, Miranda Harding, facilitates a discussion of Carol’s life, who spent her childhood in La Puente, California. The Bonillas moved to Costa Rica for a year when Carol was young before she reentered and finished school in La Puente. While on summer vacation in Oregon, Juan finds a farm house that he loves, causing the Bonillas to relocate to Hillsboro. Carol quickly found love and has spent 30 years raising her family in Hillsboro while working as a judge’s assistant for Washington County.


Producer’s Bio:

I am Miranda Harding and I am completing an undergraduate degree in Anthropology with a double concentration in cultural anthropology and archaeology and a minor in History. Latino Roots I and II gave me invaluable insight into the process of conducting research with living people towards the goal of forming a coherent narrative.