Santa Ana Made: Sergio B. Sanchez


Growing up in Santa Ana, California, nearly two hours away from the Mexican Border, artist Sergio B. Sanchez was exposed to both a life rich in culture, and a life of risky and dangerous activity. As someone who experienced a possible parent deportation and a continuous life in poverty, Sergio began to act up and immerse himself in the easy money-making life. By the time he was in middle school, Sergio was beginning to fall down the wrong path. But through the support of his family, teachers, mentors, and his love for art, Sergio was able to change his ways and strive for better choices. Sergio has overcome adversities and now hopes to inspire others through his artistic talents and experiences.


Producer’s Bio:

Noeli Martinez-Gabriel is an undergraduate student at the University of Oregon. She is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism at the School of Journalism and Communications with a minor in Spanish. Her focus is in print and multimedia reporting. Through this course, she has been able to apply her journalistic skills and her passion for storytelling. In the span of 20 weeks, Noeli challenged herself to make documentary film which she had never done before. Her overall goal, was to truthfully share Sergio’s life story.