Una Jaula de Oro


This documentary is about a Mexican-immigrant single mother, Esperanza Mora, who
has struggled with racial descrimination and the difficulties of raising her daughter on her own;
this documentary also shows Karina Mora, her daughters’ experience growing up with a single
mother. Esperanza shares her experience living in Michoacan Mexico within the 14 years she
lived there, and her experience in the United States. This includes her life as an immigrant
agricultural worker and the difficulties she has had to overcome. Which is significant due to the
fact that it can raise awareness for many people who have experienced similar situations and can show how many people deal with certain experiences as immigrants, or single parents, or even both.


Producer’s Bio:

I am Karina Mora, 21-years-old currently enrolled at University of Oregon as a Junior. I am a first generation in my family to have the opportunity to attend a higher education (college) and taking this class as a Latina, really helped my growth in my Latino roots. I was able to have two amazing professors, Dr. Stephen and Dr. Martinez, who are passionate about this class, which has been an amazing experience for the past two terms. I enjoy learning about my roots and where I come from, I also love watching documentaries of people out there and their experience as a Latino! Every story is different, is diverse but with many similarities that can be related to which I see it as an opportunity to learn about others and their own experience as a Latino.