Dreams That Cross Borders


This is a short documentary focusing on Emily Chavez, who has been undocumented for fifteen years and a DACA recipient for five years. Emily’s parents are featured in the film and provide insight to achievements and experiences they have lived through together as a family. This documentary is significant in current times as the pending Supreme Court decision on the removal of DACA continues to loom over thousands of families.


Producer’s Bio:

Emily Alejandra Chavez Romero is a second-year student studying Ethnic Studies and Latin American Studies at the University of Oregon.

The Latino Roots course has provided a safe space and an engaging community. The material in class provides insight to social issues that continue to negatively impact Latinx families across Oregon. It has been a privilege to be a student under Professor Stephen and Professor Martinez, their passion for La Raza inspire me to continue pursuing my educational aspirations and dreams.