Making Milagro: Building Arts, Culture, and Community in Portland, Oregon



This film tells the story of José González’ life and the founding of Milagro, the Pacific Northwest’s premier Latino theatre, arts, and culture organization. The narrative follows José’s life as he moved from Texas to Oregon as a teenager and experienced a solitude upon leaving his family and culture behind in Texas. José eventually found his calling in the theatre and went on to co-found Milagro as a means to address his own desire for community and culture. Making Milagro explores the power of art and theatre as a vehicle for building community by bringing people together, making and preserving history, and diversifying the culture of the Pacific Northwest.


Producer’s Bio:

Annalise Gardella is a first year PhD student in Cultural Anthropology. She holds a BA in International Affairs and Spanish from the University of Nevada, Reno and an MA in Latin American Studies from the University of Arizona. Annalise’s master’s work focuses on LGBTQ organization in El Salvador and the relationship between violence and activism. Her areas of study include gender violence, queer representation in media, feminist organization, and queer social movements in Central America. The Latino Roots course provided new perspectives on how to share ethnographic work in accessible and engaging ways, and Annalise hopes to use the methods she learned in this class to share and disseminate her work in El Salvador.