Y el amor triunfó


The film will follow the Sincuir Alvarez’ family in their lifelong journey to remain together and build a home founded in love, hope, and perseverance. The film is about a series of anecdotes telling the highs and lows of the family. The film is meant to inspire audiences to believe in the power of love and the strength of family ties.

Producer’s Bio:

Kat Sincuir Alvarez is an undergraduate student at the University of Oregon, class of 2023. She is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Cinema Studies with a double minor in Cultural Anthropology and Folklore. She plans to revolutionize the Hollywood film industry by both raising Latinx voices and talent while normalizing BIPOC representation. Additionally, she plans to work in ethnographic research in Latin America to share the stories of traditional folklore pertinent in Central and South America. Through this course, Kat has been able to in her cinematic skills, and love for storytelling. What she realized after a span of 20 weeks, is how much the story of her family unraveled in front of her eyes. Her goal for this film was to brighten and inspire all viewers to believe in the power of love and family ties in a world that can be so dark and dull.