Una Mujer Con Poder


Maria Cortes, is an Indigenous woman from Santa Maria, Tindu, Oaxaca. She was raised in a small village alongside with her sister, grandparents, and parents who spoke Mixtec. She migrated to the US as a motivated women searching for opportunities and a better life then her home country. She lived in California for a short period of time but ultimately moved to Oregon, which became her permanent home. She currently resides in Woodburn, OR, where she has made a positive impact on the Latino community. She is a healthy workplace organizer at PCUN where she focuses on the health and safety of Latino farmworkers and supports Latino women in native healing. Maria has dedicated her life encouraging Latino women and Latino farmworkers fight for their rights and empower them to rise above all trials.

Producer’s Bio:

Ruby Velasquez is a first-generation college student at the University of Oregon. She is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Humanities and an Ethnic Studies minor. Her concentration is on Latinx cultural studies. Through this course, she has been able to focus on her personal Hispanic roots and discover an inspiring Latino community where her voice is heard. In the last 6 months Ruby has challenged herself to filming a documentary, where she shares Maria Cortes personal journey to the US and the impact she has made in the Latino community. Her overall goal was to showcase Maria Cortes and her dedication to the Latino community, in hopes to inspire other Latina women.