Paving the Way


Growing up in a predominantly white neighborhood in Portland, Oregon, Jennifer Linares has sought out avenues to emerge herself within her Latinx roots. As a first-generation Mexican-American, Jennifer worked closely with mentors and peers to make her dreams of attending college a reality. In 2019, Jennifer applied and got into the University of Oregon where she is studying Political Science and Spanish. During her time at the University of Oregon, Jennifer has committed herself to representing Latinx students through leadership and mentorship roles. Through the Latinx spaces at the University of Oregon, Jennifer has been able to pave the way for not only herself and her family, but for other first-generation and BIPOC students.

Producer’s Bio:

Joselyne Tellez-Cardenas is an undergraduate student at the University of Oregon. She is currently on track to graduate in the Spring of 2022 with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and English with minors in Legal Studies and Anthropology. She plans to pursue a Masters of Arts at Oregon State University in the Fall. Through this course, she has been able to explore and portray Latinx history. In the short span of 20 weeks, Joselyne has not only made a documentary but learned how to successfully capture one’s story. Her overall goal was to inspire others with Jennifer’s story.