Eduardo Olivares knows the importance of hard work, humility, and following his dreams. Adjusting to the differences in life between the United States and Mexico brought many challenges, yet, from a young age, Eduardo watched his parents work tirelessly to provide a better life for their family. Thus, learning the power of hustle, dedication, and risk taking for success. Despite encountering many difficulties of his own, the unwavering support of his family, community of friends, and guidance of mentors, helped Eduardo find his way to the University of Oregon. It is here that he was able to realize his love for vintage clothing and the need for more of it on campus. While a full-time student, at the onset of a global pandemic, Eduardo saw an opportunity. Taking a major risk he created something in the City of Eugene that had never before been done.

Producer’s Bio:

Skyler Davis is a first-year graduate students at the University of Oregon; pursuing a Masters of Arts in International Community Development within the Department of Global Studies. Her graduate project concentration is in the interrelation of Black Indigenous Peoples of Color [BIPOC] and outdoor wilderness spaces. Through this course, she has been able to sharpen her story-telling and documentary creation skills. Skills that are vital to the ideation, execution, and presentation of her graduate capstone project.