Display Panels

Latino Roots’ panels at Lane County Historical Museum

On display for more than a year at the Lane County Historical Museum (January 2009 through March 2010), these fifteen bilingual (Spanish/English) panels (approximately three feet wide and five feet tall) were part of the exhibit “Changing Demographics: The People of Lane County.” The Latino Roots panels feature a timeline of Latino presence in what is now the state of Oregon beginning in the 1700s, maps, demographic information, information about Latino youth, and the stories of nine families who came at different times to Lane County from California, Texas, Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, and Chile. A research team led by CLLAS director Lynn Stephen (Anthropology, Ethnic Studies) created the panels. The team included Gabriel Martínez, Patricia Cortez, Guadalupe Quinn, Mauricio Magaña, Sonia de la Cruz, Kate Williams, Lukacs Nguyen, and Magali Morales.

These panels have been displayed since in several locations, including the Jordan Schnitzer Art Museum, the EMU, and the HEDCO Education building. They are available to schools and libraries by request and arrangement. Distribution for display is supported by SELCO. For more information, contact cllas@uoregon.edu.