Shannon East

A Woman of Courage


Yadira Janet Mendoza tells her story of growing up in Chiapas, Mexico as a child migrant worker.  Having come from a family of farm workers who moved from one temporary job to another, Janet was only able to attend school for two hours after an eight hour day of working out in the fields. As she grew older, little opportunity existed for her with only having a third grade education level. At the age of 18, Janet moved to Albany, Oregon in pursuit of a new life. This transition led to new job opportunities cleaning houses and to meeting her husband, Oscar. Her reputation as a great cleaner grew quickly and she started her own business, MOJY, which she named after the initials of her family members. Now having three employees, Janet’s dream is to return to school to study finance or administration and learn English.  Her life shows of her hard dedication to survive and support her family.