Richard Velazquez

Buscando Oportunidades: My Journey to Oregon


A note about the film:

The film is titled “Buscando oportunidades: My Journey to Oregon”.  The film tracks my trajectory from Mexico to Texas, and eventually to Oregon. The film focuses on my struggle as an extension of what was undergone by my father, José Velázquez.

The film documents my father’s and my own movement across borders; national and transnational, how they reflect each other, and how they change over time. The main message of the film is one of perseverance; it is of being determined to overcome being in a disadvantaged position with the ultimate desire to provide more opportunities for those who follow in the footsteps.

I believe this film is important because of the struggle and sacrifice that my family and I have undergone to obtain the opportunities that we have today. It is for anybody who has experienced discrimination, marginalization, subjugation and exploitation for reasons beyond their control.