Nina Sobotka

Carmen Urbina: My Journey to Activism


A note about the film:

“Carmen Urbina: My Journey to Activism” follows Carmen’s cultural identity development as a young person and as an adult into who she is now. Carmen is an hondureña, a strong, indigenous, Latina woman who is both proud of who she is and proud of the skin that she is in.

The film details her early years in Honduras, her experiences in U.S. schools from the first through fifth grades, her family’s deportation back to Honduras, and her journey back to the U.S. Carmen’s story is important because it is not unique. Many children in U.S. schools today share her experiences, and because we are all interconnected, her story is also relevant to the wellbeing of every member of our community. Everyone, therefore, has something to learn from Carmen’s journey and her present-day work on equity and inclusion issues in Eugene area schools.