Nicole Johnshon

Combinando Culturas/Bridging Cultures


A note about the film:

The subject of my film is Alfredo Garcia. The overarching themes are culture, faith, and family. I also touched the effect immigrants from Ocotlán de Morelos, Oaxaca, have had in improving the economy and infrastructure of their hometowns.

Within the film, I explore the difficulties Alfredo experienced learning English, the benefits he experienced finding faith, and the economic growth and development that occurred in Ocotlán de Morelos because of his efforts and the efforts of others. At the time that Alfredo moved from his hometown many others did as well, and this resulted in infrastructure development in Alfredo’s hometown which is something both Alfredo and I found very fascinating and important.

The main character is Alfredo Garcia, and his story is told in a first person narrative. The structure of the film begins with Alfredo’s adolescence in his hometown. It is at this time in his life that he experienced working at the bakery to provide for his family, and he also made a promise to his mother that he would only come to the United States for two years.

The second segment of the film focuses on Alfredo learning English and the reasons he felt it was important for him to learn the language. Following Alfredo’s experience learning English, I focus on his involvement with his church and his role as a bible study leader. The fourth segment of the film traces the impacts of Alfredo’s efforts and hard work in the United States to the development that has occurred in Ocotlán de Morelos since he left twenty years ago.

The film ends with Alfredo’s ideas of the importance of his children understanding his culture, their culture, and the cultures within the United States. The end ties back into the beginning as Alfredo explains his desire to open a bakery or restaurant here in the United States, and also that he has achieved the goals that he set for himself when he left home.