Lucy Murdoch

Tu Sueño Realidad: Opening Doors for Latino Children


A note about the film:

The story, “Tu Sueño Realidad: Opening Doors for Latino Children” centers on Karen Ramírez Gutiérrez, a teacher at a bilingual elementary school in Eugene, Oregon.

In the film, Karen discusses her experiences from her early childhood living in México to the present, with her living in Oregon and working as a bilingual teacher, and how these experiences have impacted her life. Karen’s experience in the United States’ education system, as a minority student, had a significant impact on her self-esteem and academics.

As a bilingual teacher, Karen hopes to prevent feelings of inadequacy among her Latino/a students because of a lack of being able to fit in culturally among their peers and role models. In April of 2015, Karen was awarded a position as a protégé in the Oregon Association of Latino Administrators Leadership Program. This program works to further professional development for Latino administrators for the improvement of the educational experience and success of Oregon students, particularly of Latino heritage.