Celeste Medina

Embracing the Dream




A note about the film:

The name of my documentary is Embracing the Dream. It is about José Contreras, an advertising major who is attending the University of Oregon as a participant in Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA).

It is important to understand what DACA is. As a new immigration policy that has only been in place for a few years, it allows certain undocumented immigrants to apply for a two-year permit to attend school or obtain a work permit. It is important to see who DACA impacts and how it affects their present and their future. My documentary tells the story of José and focuses on what he wants to accomplish and also how he will be affected once his permit is expired. The film draws attention to a policy that is controversial and helps others to understand the impact it has.

I learned about a policy that I knew nothing about and how it impacts young people who have grown up in the United States their whole life. It brings attention to the policy by focusing on one individual and their journey. I was able to understand how immigration affects people and their families. These are people who have worked hard to make something for themselves and for the future generations to come. It helped me to understand their fears and their hopes and how important it is to know what is going on with our government policies and how they impact others.